Eco Packaging

New in for 2022! Our new bagging service keeps your garments clean, dry and dust free until you're ready to ship to your customers. We'll add on size labels too, so you can easily pick and pack your orders. Best of all, our bags are an eco-friendly alternative to regular polythene bags and break down into naturally benign products after you've disposed pf them. So you can keep your goods protected, without damaging the planet.

How do they work?

Our eco polybags are made from regular polythene that contains an additive which acts as a catalyst to accelerate the degradation process. This means that after 12 months under pressue from either mechanical stress, heat and/or sunlight they will start to degrade.

What if I don't sell my garments within 12 months, will the bags degrade and damage my products?

No - in order for the bags to degrade, they need to be triggered by sunlight, heat or mechanical stress, after which they then biodegrade into small pieces. They then go on to biodegrade into natual elements (water, carbon dioxide and humus). The complete process takes around 2-5 years depending on the disposal environment.

2-5 years - that's a long time isn't it?

Our aim is to strike the balance between a practical packaging solution that works for the brands we supply, without causing a negative impact to the environment. These bags last long enough to protect your goods until they reach your customer - and compared to the decades or centuries that regular polythene takes to degrade - is significantly better!

How should I or my customer dispose of the bags?

You can put these bags into your recycling bin (please check with your local authority if they collect in your area) as the polythene element can be recycled into new bags, or into your regular bin. If these bags go into your usual bin, once in landfill they'll start to degrade when exposed to oxygen and mechanical pressure.

What other eco packaging do you offer?

We're continually looking to reduce our environmental impact both as a company ourselves and also as our customers and their customers are increasingly wanting products that are better for the world we live in. Product development within the eco packaging world is continually evolving, and we'll be introducing new products as they become available.

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