Growing your brand beyond t-shirts - our top picks from AS Colour

When you're looking to expand your brand beyond the standard t-shirts and hoodies, AS Colour has a whole bunch of options ready to take your offer to the next level. With shorts, shirts, jackets and more - take a look at AS Colour's range for spring / summer and inspire your customers to come back for more with your growing range.

Beach Shorts

Add your branding with a simple woven hem tag or embroidery detail on the hem, and offer your customers something fresh for this year's staycations.

Bucket Hats

Blame ‘90s nostalgia and the industry’s continued fascination with normcore, the bucket hat is back! Ideal for sunny days , all these utilitarian hats need is a simple embroidery detail or hem tag on the rim.

Stonewash Barnard Tanks

Still keeping with the 90s vibe, these slash sided tanks are stonewashed for a lived-in-band-t-shirt style and look awesome with our vintage print effects as well as bold fluro prints. Available in sizing from xs - 2xl making them the perfect unisex top. Not a fan of stonewash? These tanks come in plain colours too.

Cyrus Windbreaker

We know it's not traditional to promote jackets in a summer range, but this is the UK, and sometimes the weather isn't as summery as we would like. The Cyrus windbreaker is a great addition for brands looking to expand into outdoor wear, and it's waterproofing means these are spot on for rambles, walks or sitting outside bars when the weather turns.

These are just a few of the awesome options available at AS Colour to add a fresh injection to your offer this year - so we encourage you to check out the whole range. As AS Colour retail their range direct to the public too, all their prices are their retail prices - so to find out prices and details about print, embroidery and adding custom woven tags to your favourite pieces, just get in touch with us today.

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