Re-Labelling: Why it's essential when you're creating a clothing brand

Updated: Jan 20

When we order in stock from our suppliers - whether it's t-shirts, hoodies, beanies or bags they come with the supplier label stitched in - for example Gildan, Bella + Canvas or Stanley Stella. However, when you sell on your garments to your customers, what do you want your customers to see?

If you're a sports team, running a promotion or ordering workwear - it's ok to leave in the supplier labels, but when you're running your own clothing brand, or selling clothing as an add-on to your main line of business, branding your clothing with your logo (and no one elses) will put your range above your competitors. Ok, so your customers aren't going to be going wild and posting on their Instagram 'hey I just bought this awesome new t-shirt and it had it's own woven label inside' but it's the little differences like this that customising your garments in this way will give your brand the edge and change from looking like a bedroom-based side hustle to being a fully fledged independent brand.

Centre Fold Woven Labels

Pressed with a centre fold, these are ideal for stitching into collars of t-shirt, hoodies and vests, anything with a collar. As with all our label service we'll create the design, and recommend the best labels size that works with your design. Most square designs work best at 4cm wide, wider / thinner landscape logos we usually make 5cm wide.

End Fold Labels

These labels have the ends pressed in, to give them a neat edge and are perfect for external labels on items like beanies and bags, or when you want to re-label garments like shirts that have previously had end fold labels in, to cover any stitching lines.

Book Fold Labels

For hem tags and sleeve tags, your labels will need to be centre and end folded - this is known as a book fold - to give a sleek finish and tuck nicely over the hem. These labels work best a little smaller at around 2cm x 2cm and are a brilliant extra detail on hoodies and t-shirts.

What else you need to know about woven labels:

  • We can design your labels for you - at no extra charge - and we'll recommend the best style for your garments

  • Labels can take up to 3-4 weeks to manufacture so please bear this in mind when ordering

  • We stock generic size labels in black and white, and will add these to your garments free of charge

  • Our minimum order is 30 labels, but larger volumes mean lower unit prices. If you want to take advantage of price breaks, you can order a larger batch and we can keep them in stock for you, adding them to your garments on all your orders

  • Full colour labels are included but single colour labels can work better in getting your brand out there

Ready to order?

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