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We offer a full re-branding services across our garments - we remove any existing branded labels and print or  supply and stitch in your own custom labels.  

Inside Neck Prints 

We remove any branded labels from your garments, and print in your own custom inside-neck print.  The perfect retail finish for garments with a smooth inside surface which includes pretty much all t-shirts and vests, and some hoodies and sweaters (hoods and sweats need to have an internal 'locker patch' to enable an inside print).  

Ideal for brands on a budget, it's just 90p (inc VAT) to add this service to your order.  We'll design options for you to choose from.


Inside Woven Tags 

We remove the branded tags from your garments, and create and then stitch in your own custom woven labels for a premium finish across your garments. 


We use a manufacturer to make these labels for us - it can take up to 4 weeks to make, and we'll design and confirm colours and sizing with you first.  Prices vary from from a few pence for 10,000. 


Woven Hem Tags 

Adding a hem tag to your garments' sleeves, hems or pockets takes your apparel to the next level.  Our hem tags have a centre-fold and end-fold for a seamless look on your garments.  We will design, and create your tags, and stitch them onto your garments - we use a manufacturer to create these tags, and they can take 4 weeks to produce.  

Choose from print + tag, or simply add your tag to your garments for a simple process with great results. 


Woven Beanie and Bag Tags

Many of our accessories (beanies and bags) look awesome with the simple but effective addition of a custom woven tag.  End-fold tags can be added to the cuff of your beanies or hem or straps of your bag. 

For a retail ready finish we can also remove any supplier branding and/or add in a custom inside label too. 


Swing Tags - coming soon...

Lots of you have been asking for us to add card swing tags to our services and we're excited to tell you it's something we're working on right now!  If you can't wait for us to update on here - then get in touch with us for more details. 

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